Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is Janice~
If anyone of you guys would like to stalk yourself and look at the performances' photos, you may click this. From AICO facebook page

Anyways, thumbs up for the previous performances. We totally rocked the stage.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi guys, Chung Cheng High Yishun's Chinese Orchestra and Festival Drum Group will be holding a concert, "Musical Concert" at Singapore Conference Hall on Sunday, 20th December 2009, at 7.00 PM. The concert will feature famous classical Chinese pieces performed by a full orchestra of over 120 members and our Festival Drums group. The programme includes full orchestra, Wind and Percussion Ensemble, String Ensemble, Plucking Ensemble, Guzheng Solo as well as a combined item with our Festival Drums group and orchestra.

Anyonw interested can tell me, Amanda or Charis about it and we'll help you get the tickets if not, you can contact SISTIC at 6348 5555 directly for booking of tickets. Each ticket is priced at $13 inclusive of SISTIC administrative fee.

Hope that you guys will support their concert and I'm sure next year our concert will have their support too! (:

- Amanda

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi people!! :D

Practice starts on Wednesday (2009/10/21) from 2:30PM to circa 5:30PM or 6:00PM
If it delays, blame yourself! ^^

Please be punctual~

- Janice.


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome back
i hope you all did your exams well. ^^

practice will most probably resume on next wednesday. TENTATIVE. i have no idea also.

when practice starts, please do bring back your instruments and practice! and practice in the correct way, you won't want to get #$%^&-ed at even if you did practice. (coughs) and also, if you haven't forgotten, the concert's due next year june, which is like... eight months... and MYE period doesn't have practice...

Eight months is not long enough for you to slack, but long enough for you to brush up on your skills. Chiong 冬 like crazy now and suffer less in the future. applies to other songs. !_!

:D Janice.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello everyone. It's Janice. Kang.

i doubt this is alive but well... there isn't any practice on monday all thanks to national day.
have fun! (^^)

and anws, i made tiny changes around the blog. ^^


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi peeps!
CO prac have resume .
Hope you all will enjoy prac and prac hard k?
And dont skip prac uh ..

Not forgetting ur studies .
So prac hard and study hard .

And to all sec 4s : All the best for o'levels! Achieve good results alright? STUDY HARD!!! Not forgetting to come back after o'levels to keep CO high!! hahas!


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi to all...

It is a memorable post for us...............

It is going to be a day all will not forget where we celebrate the Achievement of AICO. (i noe it sounds like mr chin... lol) and the step up of a new age of leaders that will bring AICO to greater heights.

To the sec 4s pls try to come

15 june 2009 , Monday
Lunch provided as there is buffet!!!!!!!!!!

Eh teacher in charge treat must 捧场!!!!!!!!!!!

so must come ok!!!!!!!!

To the sec 1, 2, 3 must always rmb wat we try to tell everyone, when u are in a CCA, concentrate on it, give it ur best, contribute to this magnificant orchestra. I hope that in the years to come, AICO and grow and achieve many more gold and GWH on the journey.

With best regards to all
Kang Yong (sob sob)

lol hahahahahahahahahahahahaha CYA ALL ON 15 JUNE!!!!!!!


what we could have been, 9:15 PM.

On 22 April 2009... WE CREATED HISTORY........

编号四十四,伊布拉欣中学,Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School...........................

金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
金牌, GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe it at first.... but we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set the first and only record in AI HISTORY!!!!! FIRST GOLD IN PERFORMING ARTS!!!!!!!!!!, SECOND GOLD in the School other than SCOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had Proved wat huang sheng said. We need not be the best school in academics but we can still achieved the best, better than the top schools! We had Shown to the other chinese orchestra schools that we AHMAD IBRAHIM SECONDARY SCHOOL CAN PLAY 十面埋伏, THE SONG THAT NO SCHOOL EVER ATEMPTED BEFORE IN SYF.

With hard work we can really do it. The next batch, whoever the next comm or next few batch are, Hav that same determination, have the same spirit and 灌输 all of the skills and knowledge to all of the juniors. WE HOPE THAT THE NEXT BATCH CAN GET THE FIRST GWH BACK FOR URSELVES. WE know u guys can do it....

SO REMEMBER..........

ALL THE BEST AND.......... Hopefully a GOLD WITH HONOURS that we could finally dream.... Like wat we told u guys before....

Get a GOLD FIRST ( SYF 2009) then start thinking bout GOLD WITH HONOURS (hopefully SYF 2011)...


AICO Commmmmmmm 2008/2009


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Monday, March 23, 2009

hi guys

i see some improvement today in the CO room but still it is not good enuff so u guys hav to work hard.

Several things are not so good:

1) Tai Feng - i dun see Erhu, tanbo doing much, guanyue and percussion especially is not good at
all. It is onli when everyone do it, then we can secure the gold
2) Skills - i dun see the reason to why we cannot get a gold for SYF this year. We completed both
the set piece and the choice piece and we have about a month left. today what i saw in
the CO room was a bunch of people who have yet mastered the song completely. all of
u hav finished learning the song and had practice it over and over again but it still lack
of the feel
3) looking at the conductor - most took the initiative to look but i still see some not doing so

4) seating half chair - the most basic thing of being in an orchestra. u must really do it

so i can assure u that the standard we played in the CO room is a silver standard but quite a way to go to reach gold. but with determination i believe that we can do it. I seen many CO and i m sure that AICO will be on that list of GOLD if every one puts in their hard work.

MID year exams is coming our way, to cope on both side of CCA and studies, it is best to start studying now for mid year. TO the sec 4s just bear with it and give it our best after 4 years of hardwork will all boil down to 22 april.

SYF this year, we are not placed in a veri good date. Last day of SYF when the judge seen many of the top schools but the thing is this, if we played well, a GOLD IS NOT A PROB but once we screw up it might end up a BRONZE. but i m sure that u guys want results at the end of the day. IF u do not put in hardwork, there will definately be no results at all.

there is a proverb that goes like this:



kang yong

NB: i m happy with the attendence except for those who skip


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey guys, I changed the blogskin, after abandoning this blog for so long. :D
In the blink of eye, we are only left with a month to SYF.
And I sincerely hope that all of you will make good use of this time.

For that rehearsal at SCH on 10Mar, please view it as something serious.
To be frank, the 2 songs were not even up to standard.
I understand many of you are afraid up on the stage, but please remember that for that many months you took to practice, you only get to spend that few minutes up the stage.
If you just screwed that few minutes up, no matter how much hard work you put it, will straight away go into waste.
Thus, please continue to work hard, stay as one on the stage, and look at huang lao shi at all time.

Also, our 3days camp had passed.
Some of our alumni actually came back to provide help, and I hope you had valued their presence.
Please keep their teachings and comments in mind, and don't let them, our instructors, and teachers down.
They scold us because they care.

Lastly, let's just be stressed for the last month, it'll passed very quickly.


Monday : Combined Prac [2.30-5.30to6.30pm]
Tuesday&Thursday : Self-Prac [2.30-5.30pm]
Friday : Combined Prac [1.30-5to6pm]


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Hello, this blog belongs to Ahmad Ibrahim Sec's Chinese Orchestra. :)
This is just another platform where we gather our members, so please do not leave nonsensical comments behind.
Thanks, and enjoy your stay!

About Us
AI Chinese Orchestra (AICO) which is still growing strong till today, has been under the baton of accomplished erhu musician Mr Ng Seng Hong and many other experienced instructors. AICO aims to bring out the full potential in all of its members.

No orchestra can be considered a performing group if the members do not go on stage and spread the love for music through performances. Therefore, AICO has been very actively participating in various activities each year. This provides an opportunity for each section to display their talents, for every member of the orchestra to gain valuable performing experience, and to showcase to the public their progress.

Our Instructors
Bow-string/Conductor - Mr Ng Seng Hong
Woodwind - Mr Jin Shi yi
Cello-Bass - Mr Chua Seng Chee
Plucked Strings - Miss Liu Yan

2001 - Bronze
2003 - Silver
2005 - Silver
2007 - Silver
2009 - Gold


Committee members '10/11:
Chairman - Nigel
Vice Chairman - Szumin
Concert Master - Junqing
Secretary/Costume I/C - Atiqah
Treasurer - Shuyu
Scores I/C - Wanyun
Logistics - Zhikuan
Strings/Instruments I/C - Qianling

Sectional Leaders
Guanyue - Ivy
Xianyue - Junqing
Tanbo - Chenhui
Assist. SL - Baolong
Cello/Bass - Jojo
Assist. SL - Zhikuan
Percussion - Mingzhu

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